Painted and Glazed Cabinetry

Transform the look of your kitchen in ways you’ve never imagined. Once you’ve decided on painted cabinets you’ve opened the door to a world of color. First consider whether your environment needs to be lighter or darker. Then choose the color palate that best describes the mood you would like to set. Today you can choose from an endless supply of color swatches. In addition, I have had clients hand me a magazine and ask if I can match the cabinets on page 3. With others I have walked out of their home with a door off of a hutch or a piece of fabric from some furniture. I have even heard of a decorator that prefers to use the natural colors of fruits and vegetables…

Once the color palate is set it is time to select the supplier of the material. When I spec out a painted cabinet job I recommend the use of a Benjamin Moore Alkyd Impervo Satin Paint. I have used this paint for many years and have had wonderful results.

Note: Impervo is an oil base paint and requires a professional to apply. As for glazing, I have found the Ralph Lauren line to be quite satisfactory.

Even though you feel that you have your color palate selected, you should purchase small quantities of the paint/glaze and do some test spots. This is best accomplished by using a piece of card board (at least 12” X 12”), priming it first with the primer that will be used on the job, painting at least two coats of paint (I generally use a latex paint for the samples). You can then position these on the walls or cabinets in your kitchen and live with them for a couple of days. The first time you walk into the kitchen after having been away from it for a while will be very enlightening.

If you decide to glaze the painted cabinets, then I suggest that you develop your method of glazing at this time as well. Glazing on top of paint changes the color and the mood of the paint dramatically.

Because of the availability of color swatches in the market place and because paint colors should be viewed in a natural light we have not provided samples of paint on this site.

Good hunting!