Custom Built Cabinets

Built on site

Many cabinet sources offer custom built cabinets, however few will bring their tools to your home, set up shop and actually build your new cabinets on site.

This is a service that is offered by In fact it is the only way that we offer hand-crafted custom cabinets. There was a time in history, prior to manufactured cabinets, when the cabinet maker was one of the last tradesman to work at your home.

There are several advantages to this process. Initially one is able to take advantage of every square inch of space. Interesting and beneficial storage solutions often times occur with this approach. Because this is not a factory setting the homeowner can have a great deal more input in the design as well as the process.



Because each cabinet is positioned after construction, the project comes to fruition in a more convenient time frame allowing for minor alterations or changes. This flexibility eliminates the "what ifs" after the job is complete. Of course the main outline of the job description should be followed, however it is almost impossible to foresee every possibility. 

Hand Crafted 

Not surprisingly, along with the old-fashion method of coming to your home, your cabinets are built with that old fashion attention to detail. Incorporating mortise and tenon, dowel pin and dovetail joinery are just a few of the options offered. Hand applied finishes are available whether your choice is Tung oil, a Beeswax Polymer or a Painted finish, etc. 

One of a kind 

Not just because it is unique, and not just because it is custom built, but because you had a hand in the entire process. Just like a fine piece of furniture, the value far outlives the initial investment and is appreciated for generations to come. 


Because this is such a special arrangement, on so many levels, it is necessary to schedule this service well in advance of the project. Please keep in mind that just as in the days of old, quality takes time. My name is Jan Drolshagen and I look forward to building the kitchen of your dreams.