Uses: Kitchen/Bath/Entertainment area countertops, Vanity Tops,
Shower Enclosures, Tabletops, Cabinet Doors

Glass as a countertop? Definitely!

Designers attending both the 2002 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and the 2003 International Builders Show, singled out glass as an emerging material for countertops.

Glass countertops are fashioned from annealed (tempered) glass, generally between 1/2" - 1" thick. The edges are highly polished and for safety purposes, rounded.

Glass countertops can be made in almost any shape. The amount of overhang or cantilever will be determined by the layout of your project. Stainless steel or brass brackets are needed to support glass countertops.

In the Bath

The easiest way to add glass counters in the bath is by installing a console table. The counters are available with integral sinks or used with vessel sinks. 

If a custom glass top is used on a vanity, the sink must be supported at the cabinet level. Kohler makes a bracket for this purpose.

In the Kitchen

Custom glass countertops give a kitchen a contemporary look, especially when used for Cutting Edge style Popular uses for glass in the kitchen include inserts near the cooktop or ovens to use as a landing place for hot pots and pans.
While custom glass countertops can be used with an undermount sink and integrated drain boards, it is not recommended for use as the primary sink.

Entertainment Areas / Wet Bars, etc

When combined with wood cabinetry, such as cherry, glass countertops lend a touch of elegance to entertainment areas and wet bars.

·    Appearance

The natural color is slightly green. Translucent Colors are produced by tinting the back of the glass, while opaque colors are produced by adding a special opaque coating to the back of the glass. In some cases it is possible to match a color to your specifications. But be advised, color matching is rarely exact..
The glass itself can be smooth, textured, etched, sandblasted, grooved, patterned. An etched or sand blasted back is often done to obscure a view through the top.

·    Sanitary

A glass countertop is non-porous, making it stain proof . Because the countertop is shaped all in one piece, there are no seams to trap food or dirt.

·    Durable but not Indestructible

Tempered glass countertops have a heavy tensile strength, and therefore can endure a great deal of weight. A 300 lb. weight, placed on a glass countertop, will not affect it - but a heavy object (such as a pot or pan) dropped on it might chip, crack, break or shatter it.
If the glass cracks or breaks it cannot be repaired, and must be replaced.

 The surface can endure heat of up to 700 degrees without cracking, making it an ideal material next to cooktops and ovens.
Glass counters will scratch, and should not be used as cutting boards. Textured glass will help hide the scratches, but will dull your knives.

·    Maintenance

Glass countertops can be striking and modern looking, but they are a challenge to keep clean and free of fingerprints. Smooth glass tops will show watermarks, if not towel dried. Any standard glass cleaner can be used. Avoid using abrasive cleaners.
Light scratches, however, can be taken out by using a mild abrasive product such as Soft Scrub®, but the surface should be thoroughly rinsed afterwards.
If certain acidic substances, such as vinegar, are allowed to rest on the surface for a length of time, the glass surface will eventually oyster (giving it the appearance of the inside of an oyster shell). While this does not affect the strength of the glass, the appearance will be permanently affected

·   Cost

$85 to $150 per square foot installed